Visitors from the alien land, the fool that tries to restore the history… 
Disaster will come pouring in the mist with irresistible forces 
Special Soul Essence Disaster, called by the members on Erin' s Land. 
Don' t hesitate, withdraw and lift the sword towards lands of Erin, show your exclusive potential.

Ragna event

Event Exclusive Character&Costume

Event Exclusive Character


Event Info

Event Time

After the maintenance on Jan. 3rd, 2019 – 23:59 Jan. 20th, 2019

Event Info

The Grim Reaper – Ragna Coming Event [Bloody Edge Challenge] is released.

During event time, all contents can be accessed via Banner under Battle and event page.

After the event there will be an exchange time for 72 hours.

Joining Condition

Player level should be at least 12 with Chapter 1 (Easy) completed.

Event Detail

Bloody Edge Challenge Single Battle

Complete Single Story Stage [Curtain-up] to unlock The Grim Reaper – Ragna Multiplayer Battle. Pass the stage for the first time can earn [Thor’s Medal].

Complete Single Challenge Stage [Challenge - Bloody Cain] to gain exclusive title of Bloody Edge Challenge - Ragna: [Bloody Edge]. Increase ATK and HP of fire type characters in the party by 25%.

Bloody Edge Challenge Multiplayer Boss Battle

Create a Multiplayer Boss Battle and winning can increase [Dimension Perception] level by 1. The higher the level, the better the rewards from battle you can get, but the difficulty of the stage will be higher.

Stamina will be consumed when creating single player battle, while [Dark Spirit Jade] will be consumed by 1 when creating multiplayer battle. [Dark Spirit Jade] can be regenerated by 1 per hour.

Costumes, items and Thor’s Medal can be gained via multiplayer battles. When [Dimension Perception] level reaches 80, there is a certain rate that Ragna himself can be gained from multiplayer battles.

Ragna deposed god

Change Level of [Dimension Perception]

When creating a massive battle of the Grim Reaper – Ragna, players can change [Dimension Perception] level by clicking exchange arrows.

[Dimension Perception - ∞] appeared!

After defeating Ragna with Lv. 200 Dimension Perception, there will be chance to activate [Dimension Perception - ∞]. This level has a extreme high difficulty and a high drop rate for costumes and items.

After activate this stage, it will maintain if it is not created. Adventurers can use arrows to change the level of the Massive Battle.

After creating [Dimension Perception - ∞], no matter the battle wins or not, it will disappear. Adventurers need to re-challenge [Dimension Perception – Lv.200] and have chance to activate it again.

After the event finishes, this stage cannot be created.

Event Rewards

Evidence of War

[Evidence of War] contains Achievement Quests like [Alien Quest], [Alien Achievement] and [Dimension Recognition]

[Alien Quest]: Complete daily quests to gain a large quantity of Thor's Medal.

[Alien Achievement]: Complete achievements to gain Star Gem, Collab Exclusive Soul Costume Materials, Jade, Pact Scroll, Thor's Medal, Erin’s Heart, Gold Hammer, God’s Wisdom Fruit, Awakening Fruit, [Ragna] and special Title [Blood Edge].

[Dimension Recognition]: Analysis Level reaches certain number can gain: Collab Exclusive Soul Costume Materials, Collab Exclusive Costume, [Ragna], etc..

The Restored Treasury

In The Restored Treasury, [Thor's Medal] can be used to exchange random rewards, which includes [Ragna], Collab Exclusive Soul Costume Materials, Collab Exclusive Costume, Gold Hammer, Gold, Jade, Enhance Material, Fruit of Trial, Unshackled Potential Material, etc..

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