Collecting characters and team them up is the core gameplay of Tales of Erin.

Characters Aquisition


Except for the initial characters like Alven, you could obtain other characters by summoning them or joining some exclusive events. To summon the characters, you can use:

  • Stargems 
  • Summon pact (could be gained from events and achievements)

When using Stargems to summon characters, you can get Summon Emblem at the same time. After collecting sufficient Summon Emblem, you can use them to exchange other characters in Rounds of Heroes. Characters in Rounds of Heroes will be refreshed automatically during a period of time.


Character Selection Voucher

Collecting a certain amount of vouchers, players can redeem the character they prefer by clicking [Craft] button on the [Information]-[Character Album] page.

[Character selection voucher picture]

Please note that players can only redeem an un-collected character by the Character Selection Voucher. Owned characters will not able to redeem by this way. The path for Origin Awakening will be more challenging.

The required amount of Character Selection Voucher is based on star level of the character you redeem. The higher star level, the more vouchers are required.

3-Star Character 4-Star Character 5-Star Character
Required Vouchers Amount 40 100 300

Character Cultivation

You can cultivate your character from four aspects:

Character Enhance

You can use “Fruit of Trial” to upgrade the level of characters. The basic stats of the characters will grow along with its level.

By upgrading the level, characters will have the chance to gain skill points, which can be used to level up skills or unlock new skills.


Discover Potential

By discovering potential (unleashing), the level cap of the character will be raised. Characters will also gain skill points when awakening.

Along with awakening, costume slot will be unlocked and more costumes could be equipped. 

Discover potential.png

Raise Skill Points

Beside the skill points earned when upgrading and awakening characters, you could add more skill points to the character by using God’s Wisdom Fruit. Each God’s Wisdom Fruit will add one skill point to the character.

God’s Wisdom Fruit can be found in Shop / Guild Shop / Time-limited events.

Skill point.png

Origin Awakening (Raise Basic Stats)

Character’s basic stats can be raised 10 times at most. When you gained the same character from summon, the character’s basic stats will be reinforced.

Besides, Awakening Fruit can be used to boost the character’s base stats once more. This fruit can be found in Shop / Time-limited events. 

After your character is raised 10 times, you will gain the corresponding title with extra bonus.  

Original Awaken.png

How to gain enhance materials

Trial Fruit

  • Shop
  • Trial >> Enhancement Material
  • Completing stages of Main story
  • Star World Exploration >> Forest of Trial
  • Events
  • Rewards of Guild Tower
  • Guild Shop
Trial fruit.jpg

Items for Character Awaken

  • Shop >> Secret Shop
  • Trial (Choose corresponding stage type)
  • Star World Exploration >> Forest of Trial
  • Rewards of Guild Tower

Aquisition of Stamina

Stamina is a necessary resource for raiding stages and collecting materials. It can be gained from:

  • Shop >> Item Shop
  • Rewards of Guild Tower
  • Star World Exploration >> Elemental Nova
  • Massive Battles and stages of main story. 
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