Darktide Ruins was a mysterious catacomb with various treasures, from which monsters have been swarming out. Adventurers can earn a plenty amount of gold and upgrade materials for soul costumes.

Challenge Letter

A Challenge Letter should be spent for entering the Darktide Ruins. Adventures can collect Challenge Letter by following ways:

  • Complete Daily Quest
  • Do Battle mission in the main storyline
  • Purchase Gift Pack

Challenge letter

Select Party Member

At most 8 characters could be selected as Party Members to help you of the adventuring in Darktide Ruins.

Tips: Characters with higher power are preferred.

Party member select

Enter the Battle

In the Darktide Ruins, players will not battle with the boss as usual or using skills. Instead, you need to tap the screen with a fast speed by your fingers in order to defeat the stage boss within 40 sec!

The faster you tap, the more damage will be cast to the monster. Meanwhile, the monsters can be auto attacked if the stage has passed before.