The existence that once threatened Land or Erin and fight against God revived.

Dye pure white into darkness, return the livings to dust, transform hope into despair.

The ghost from the past attacked Aisha again.

Sigrdrifa event banner

Event Exclusive Character&Costume

Event Exclusive Character


Event Exclusive Costume: Valkyrie’s oath of alliance

Valkyrie's oath

Event Info

Event Time

Dec. 14th, 2018 After maintenance – 23:59 Dec. 30th, 2018 (UTC-5)

Event Info

During event time, all contents can be accessed via Banner under Battle and event page.

After the event there will be an exchange time for 72 hours.

Joining Condition

Player level should be at least 12 with Chapter 1 (Easy) completed.

Event Detail

Deposed God Single Battle

Complete Single Story Stage [Revive] to unlock Deposed God Multiplayer Battle. Pass the stage for the first time can earn [Divine Token].

Complete Single Challenge Stage [Challenge - The Thunder Trial] to gain the exclusive title of Deposed God-Sigrdrifa: [Noble Warrior]. Increase ATK and HP of light type characters in the party by 25%.

Deposed God Multiplayer Boss Battle

Create a Multiplayer Boss Battle and winning can increase [Deposed God Cognition] level by 1. The higher the level, the better the rewards from battle you can get, but the difficulty of the stage will be higher.

Click the exchange arrows to select the [Deposed God Cognition] level.

Stamina will be consumed when creating single player battle, while [Divine Essence] will be consumed by 1 when creating multiplayer battle. [Divine Essence] can be regenerated by 1 per hour.

Costumes, items and Divine Tokens can be gained via multiplayer battles. When [Deposed God Cognition] level reaches 80, there is a certain rate that [Desposed God: Sigrdrifa], exclusive Costume [Valkyrie’s oath of alliance] can be gained from multiplayer battles.


[Deposed God Recognition - ∞] appeared

After defeating Sigrdrifa with Lv. 200 Deposed God Recognition, there will be a chance to activate [Deposed God Recognition - ∞]. This level has an extremely high difficulty and a high drop rate for costumes and items.

After activating this stage, it will maintain if it is not created. Adventurers can use arrows to change the level of the Massive Battle. This stages could also be activated when the Deposed God Recognition level is below Lv. 200 but the chance would be relatively low.

After creating [Deposed God Recognition - ∞], no matter the battle wins or not, it will disappear. Adventurers need to re-challenge [Deposed God Recognition – Lv.200] and have the chance to activate it again.

After the event finishes, this stage cannot be created.

Event Rewards

Proof of Battle

[Proof of Battle] contains Achievement Quests like [Deposed God Quest], [Deposed God Achievement] and [Deposed God Analysis]

[Deposed God Quest]: Complete daily quests to gain a large quantity of Divine Tokens.

[Deposed God Achievement]: Complete achievements to gain Star Gem, Jade, Pact Scroll, Divine Token, Erin’s Heart, Gold Hammer, God’s Wisdom Fruit, Awakening Fruit, [Deposed God: Sigrdrifa], exclusive Costume [Valkyrie’s oath of alliance] and special Title [Noble Warrior].

[Deposed God Analysis]: Analysis Level reaches certain number can gain: Enhance Material, Fruit of Trial, Divine Essence, Divine Token, Gold Hammer, Costume, [Deposed God: Sigrdrifa], exclusive Costume [Valkyrie’s oath of alliance], etc..

Restored Vault

In Restored Vault, [Divine Token] can be used to exchange random rewards, which includes [Deposed God: Sigrdrifa], exclusive Costume [Valkyrie’s oath of alliance], Divine Essence, Gold Hammer, Gold, Jade, Enhance Material, Fruit of Trial, Unshackled Potential Material, etc..

Restored vault sigrdrifa