Guild System is a place for adventurers to gather together. By donating and joining the battle in Guild, adventurers can win Guild Coins, another kind of currency which could be used in Guild Shop.

Below are the detailed descriptions and instruction of the systems in Guild.

Guild Info

After clicking [Guild] button on the main page, adventurers will enter Guild info page. On this page, guild leader can manage guild members by clicking [Member List] button and can change the entry requirement of the Guild by clicking [Guild Setting].

Guild members can communicate with each other via [Message Board].

You may get free Stamina from members by clicking [Member List] and gift Stamina to each other.


Guild Facility

Guild Facility provides beneficial buffs to all guild members, reflecting the Guild’s power. There are in total three facilities in Guild: Force of Skill, Force of Life and Force of Aiming, and each one provides bonuses to ATK, HP and Crit, respectively.

Members need to donate Star Gems or Jades to upgrade the level of these forces and to activate its bonus. However, there is a duration for the bonus and remember to re-activate the bonus the next day.


By donating to Facilities, the Guild will gain Facility Lv. Every time when Facility Lv. is upgraded, all the members in the Guild will receive corresponding rewards.

Facility level rewards

Also, other special bonuses will be granted for different levels.

Guild Challenges – Azure Tower

This is an event in which all the Guild members fight together against monsters and is refreshed every week. The monsters in every floor of Azure Tower are random and are with high HP and ATK. The cooperation and effort of the all the guild members are needed to defeat them.

By challenging Azure Tower, guild members will earn points and Guild Coins based on the damage dealt, without considering whether the battle is successful or not.

Guild Coins could be used to purchase items in Guild Shop, while points earned will be counted in Tower’s Point Ranking and adventurers on the ranking will receive corresponding rewards when the Tower refreshes.


For every 5 floors, there is a boss stage. Once the boss is defeated, all guild members will receive rewards. These rewards will be sent via in-game mail. The higher floor the guild conquered, better the rewards will be.

Guild Shop

Guild Shop is a place where adventurers could purchase different items using Guild Coins. Guild Coins could be gained by donating, joining Azure Tower or other Guild events.

You can see the Guild Coins you have at the left bottom corner.

The items and costumes in Guild Shop will be refreshed after a period of time.

5-Star Character Yuna can be purchased in Guild Shop.


Guild Ranking

At Guild Ranking leaderboard, you can check the rank of all the guilds in Tales of Erin. These ranks are based on Guild Points, which are earned via joining different events in game.

The Guild Rankings update daily.