Ragna’s little brother. A soldier of the Control Organization with the rank of Major. He is a talented member of the esteemed Kisaragi family. He ended the Ikaruga Civil War and was hailed as “The Hero of Ikaruga”. He uses the Phenomenon Weapon [Ice Sword: Yukianesa].

He’s calm and cool-headed. He doesn’t care at all about others even to the point of being merciless, but he is filled with ambition and is easily jealous of others. He is also extremely obsessive towards things, especially towards his older brother Ragna the Bloodledge.


Skill name Skill Description
Touga Hyojin Deal Water damage to all enemies and knock them down.
Gekka Hyourou Deal water damage to enemies in front and increase self basic attack damage. Knock down enemies.
Rengoku Hyouya Deal true damage to all enemies and knock them down.
Frost End Cirt of basic attack has a chance to reduce the cooldown time of all skills.

Basic Stats

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
Basic ATK 768 Crit 20% Restoration 95
Basic HP 846 Crit Damage 155% Defense 512
Attack Interval 0.75

Gaining Method

  • From Event [BlazBlue x Tales of Erin] collaboration event

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: The Power of Order
  • Title Attribute: All characters in party increase HP by 60%. 

More info about Kisaragi Jin

Kisaragi Jin in BlazBlue

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