Massive battle-main

 Adventurers can create or join multiplayer battles in the Massive Battle zone, where can battle against powerful boss together with other players and receive abundant trophies as reward. 

Create and Join

Clicking Massive Battle button on the middle of main page, you will see the Helper List. Different types of battles can be sorted by selecting related labels on the left.

There is a limit to the number of multiplayer battles that a player can create every day. Players can freely join in existing massive battles at a cost of Gold.

Massive battle-list

Request for Help

In each massive battles, there can be at most 20 players fighting against the boss. If you got hard to defeat the boss yourself, please remember to ask for help by clicking menu button on the left top of battle page.

Massive battle-request


By defeating the boss, players may get supreme costumes, materials for potential discovery or enhancement items, etc. And the battle rank of one massive battle will be based on the personal ATK amount to the boss. The higher you rank, the more trophies will you get.

Keep it up, my dear adventurers!