A man with white hair and odd-colored eyes, he carries a large ceramic sword with the Blue Grimoire holding his right hand. He can use the Black Beast’s terrible power to suck the life out of others. People call him the “Grim Reaper” out of fear and have written him onto the wanted list with the highest bounty in history meaning that he has suffered countless pursuits and attacks. But during battles and in the pursuit of the truth, his destiny is entwined with that of many others...


Skill name Skill Description
Seed of Tartarus Deal fire damage to enemies in front and remove all debuffs on self. Knock away enemies.
Carnage Scissor Deal fire damage to enemies in front and knock them away.
Soul Eater Restore HP at set intervals. When self HP drops to a certain point, “Carnage Scissor” turns into “Black Onslaught”.
Ideal Mechanism Increase self Max HP and Defense.

Basic Stats (Origin Awaken+10)

Stats Number Stats Number Stats Number
ATK 3985 Crit 5% Restoration 125
HP 5241 Crit Damage 155% Defense 3374
Attack Interval 0.9

Gaining Method

  • From Event [BlazBlue x Tales of Erin] collaboration event

Attribute of Title

  • Title name: The Dark Envoy
  • Title Attribute:  

More info about Ragna

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