Many people in the Land of Erin have experienced this at least once: when push comes to shove, one would make a decision which could never be made during the daily life in order to live through the danger. In this process, all the thoughts seem to be guided by another soul, and people call this the [Resonance of Soul].

Resonance System

System Introduction

Open time

Dec. 6th, 2018, after maintenance – permanent.

Brief Intro

  • With the introduction of this system, players can choose any obtained character as their 'poster girl' to appear on the main screen, replacing Aisha. This can be changed in the system settings at any time. As your Resonance with that character increases, their responses become more intimate.
  • All characters in the party gain Resonance as you complete battles with them.
  • Raising Resonance grants [Resonance Bonus] attribute, which buffs characters' HP and ATK by a percentage (maximum 100%).
  • Reaching certain Resonance levels unlocks exclusive story [Heart Fragments] for each character, which is divided into 3 parts (50, 100, and 200). 
  • After reaching Resonance level 100, [Perfect Resonance] is needed to raise the level cap to 200.

Open condition

Obtain the corresponding character to unlock his/her Resonance of Soul.

Background Story

To explain [Resonance of Soul], researchers raised various hypotheses after an arduous investigation. One of the maniac Elementalist concludes after long-term research: There is another universe called [Heart Views] where live souls from another world and the projection of all the creatures’ soul in the Land of Erin. These souls and projections will resonance with people who have a similar essence and firm belief, go into their heart and lead them, with wisdom and love, to discover their potential.

In the beginning, the Resonance is imperceptible, but after passing the dilemma with the Souls from Heart View, people will grow consciousness to it gradually – which means the rise of Resonance level. At last, when the two souls become one, the perfect and harmonious resonance will trigger enormous power.

The legends say that people who have experienced [Perfect Resonance] will enter the [Heart View] in the dream. It is a luxurious palace built by gigantic mirrors and one can see the soul with perfect resonance.

Who will you see in the Mirror?

Detailed Instruction

Enter the page of [Resonance of Soul] interface

  • Enter Character Info page
  • The Heart sign on the Party page / Character Info page represents the Resonance level of the character. The Resonance levels will be represented by different colors.
  • Click the Heart sign to enter [Resonance of Soul] page.
Resonance icon

Enhance character’s Resonance Level

  • Resonance gained by each hero will be shown on the battle result page.
  • [Resonance] can be gained via Battle, Trial, Massive battle and other battles.
  • [Resonance] has 200 levels in total. When Resonance level reaches Lv. 100, Perfect Resonance is needed to raise the level cap and unlock Lv. 200.
  • [Resonance] can unlock functions like characters’ [Heart Fragments] and [Perfect Resonance].
  • [Resonance] can raise the stats of resonance bonus which include HP% and ATK%.

Reach required Resonance level to unlock story [Heart Fragments]

  • [Heart Fragments] is the exclusive story gained by raising character resonance level.
  • [Heart Fragments] is unlocked by reaching required resonance level (Lv. 50, Lv. 100 and Lv. 200)
  • [Heart Fragments] is divided into three parts and the story in each part is different.
Heart Fragments

Perfect Resonance

  • Reach required Resonance level to unlock [Perfect Resonance]. Click the [Resonance] heart sign to activate Perfect Resonance.
Perfect resonance activate
  • [Perfect Resonance] is a special status after reaching required resonance level.
  • [Perfect Resonance] needs Lv. 100 resonance and 1 Resonance Contract (Resonance Contract can be gained via event or Item Shop). 
Pact of Resonance
  • [Perfect Resonance] will raise the upper limit of Resonance level from 100 to 200.
  • [Perfect Resonance] will unlock special effect on character’s Concept Art and Avatar.
Perfect Resonance

Resonance & Battle Chance

Here is a list showing the number of battles needed to increase 1 Resonance level.

Eg: When the resonance of character is 5, you need one battle to raise it to 6. But when the resonance of your character is 32, you need to complete 3 battles to raise it to 33.

Resonance Battle Times
0~9 1
10~29 2
30~49 3
50~69 4
70~89 5
90~100 10
101~118 4
119~148 5
149~168 6
169~189 8
190~200 10

Change Poster Girl

Click Information >> System Setting >> Change Poster Girl to choose the Poster Girl you like.

You can set characters you have as Poster Girl / Boy.

Special characters have Live2D style Poster Girl, such as Aisha.

The content of the conversation triggered is based on the Resonance level. Higher resonance level grants more intimate conversation.

Poster girl conversation