We can get different kinds of valuable materials for FREE in the Star World Exploration. Currencies in game, like Stargems, Jades and Pact Scrolls, can be explored and received here.

How to Explore

In the Star World Exploration, characters should be dispatched to different exploring missions. The more character you have, the more missions can you explore at the same time. Moreover, selecting a character in the Best Race will be better for getting more exploring rewards.

However, the chances for exploration every day is not unlimited. The chances limitation will be raised by the rise of your Exploration Level.


Rewards in Star World Exploration

  • Elemental Nova: Have chance to get Gold, Stamina Potion, Stargems, etc.
  • Forest of Trial: Have chance to get enhancing and awaken materials.
  • Star Element Deposit Point: Have chance to get materials for low-level Soul Costume Evolution.
  • Floating Ruins: Have chance to get materials for high-level Soul Costume Evolution.