Collect Chloe Shards, complete certain missoins to get a hidden character - Chloe.

Tie to chloe

Event Time & Stages

Event time

Sep. 13th 2018 - Sep. 26th 2018

Event Stage

  • Super Ancient Mage -- Massive Battle (Wind Type)
  • Confrontation 2 - Victory -- Main Story Stage: 1- 4 -3

Chloe shards will be dropped randomly by completing Massive Battles of Wind Type, or pass the stages [Confrontation2 - Victory] of all difficulty level.

You can also collect shards by completing the event quests shown below.

Exclusive Character


Event Rewards

Requirement Rewards
Collect 100 Chloe Shards Chloe*1
Collect 200 Chloe Shards Chloe*1
Collect 300 Chloe Shards Chloe*1
Collect 400 Chloe Shards Chloe*1
Collect 50 Chloe Shards Fruit of Trial(L)*10
Collect 150 Chloe Shards Fruit of Trial(L)*20
Collect 250 Chloe Shards Fruit of Trial(L)*30
Collect 350 Chloe Shards Erin's Heart*15
Collect 500 Chloe Shards Raging Fires-Scorched Skies
Create and win Super Ancient Mage(Hell) for 10 times Chloe Shard*15
Create and win Super Ancient Mage(Hell) for 20 times Light-Godslayer of Origin*1, Mirafuse*1Chloe Shard*15Chloe Shard*15Chloe Shard*15Chloe Shard*15Chloe Shar
Complete Super Ancient Mage (Hell) for 50 times Chloe Shard*20
Complete Super Ancient Mage (Hell) for 100 times Chloe Shard*30
Complete Confrontation 2 - Victory (Hard) for 10 times Ruby Spirit*20
Complete Confrontation 2 - Victory (Extreme Challenge) for 10 times Raging Fires-Scorched Skies

Event Hints

  • For Massive Battle, try to call upon your friends and guild members to conquer it!
  • You will have chance to get shards by joining Super Ancient Mage or Confrontation 2 - Victory of any difficulty level.