Abundant treasury will be explored in the new chapter 5! During the event time, enhance level or upgrade Origin Awaken level of any character to get various rewards!

Ultimate Insight

Event Time

After the maintenance on Jan 31st, 2019 – 23:59, Feb. 20th, 2019 (UTC-5)

Event Rewards

Requirements Rewards
Clear Stage: Rangers of Era (Chapter 5-1-4) Fruit of Trial (L) *25;Enhancement Materials (L) *25
Clear Stage: Assault (Chapter 5-2-4) Stamina Potion (L) *1;Gold *50000
Clear Stage: Island Owner 2 (Chapter 5-3-3) Erin’s Heart *15
Clear Stage: Pluto 4 (Chapter 5-4-4) Free Star Gem *100
Clear Stage: Fall back (Chapter 5-5-5) Fruit of Trial (L) *40;Enhancement Materials (L) *40
Clear Stage: Shena 2 (Chapter 5-6-3) Stardust Crystal *15; Stardust Shard *30
Clear Stage: Duty 3 (Chapter 5-7-3) Starlight Crystal *3;Starlight Shard *10
Clear Stage: Area of Death 4 (Chapter 5-8-4) Gale War Drum *1
Clear Stage: Mother 3 (Chapter 5-9-3) Free Star Gem *200
Clear Stage: Pluto 4-Hard(Hard Chapter 5-4-4) Genesis-Seth *1
Clear Stage: Mother 3-Hard (Hard Chapter 5-9-3) Golden Hammer *3
Clear Stage: Pluto 4-Extreme (EX Chapter 5-4-4) Jade Blade - Vichem *1
Clear Stage: Mother 3-Extreme (EX Chapter 5-9-3) God’s Wisdom Fruit *1