Workshop is a place where you can check the materials and items you already have. You can also craft costume here.


In Backpack, adventurers can check and arrange all the materials gained. Spare and needless material can be sold here for Gold.


Craft Costume

In Craft Costume, adventurers can use the material of character awakening & gold to craft Costume. The crafting process will cost some time. When the crafting finishes, you will have chance to gain 5 Star Costume. Materials needed for crafting costumes are as follow:

Costume Type Material needed Gold needed
Fire Red Soul Essence*5, Red Lotus Essence*5 5000
Water Blue Soul Essence*5, Blue Ice Essence*5 5000
Wind Green Soul Essence*5, Jadeite Essence*5 5000
Light Golden Soul Essence*5, Daylight Essence*5 5000
Dark Purple Soul Essence*5, Nighttime Essence*5 5000
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