Foreword-Tales of Erin

Foreword-Tales of Erin

World View

With the blessing and guidance of God. Human lives on the Land of Erin. One day, a huge Gate revealed in the Sky, when the God faded away. From then on, there was no God, but only the Gate of Azure Realm remained.

Time went by, God's residence became desolated, but the God never returns.

Human stepped into the residence, beginning their exploration

With the discovery of relics and literatures, they also stepped into the God's Realm. Many are the tales telling that on the other side of the Gate is the paradise of all Gods. And so, Human are thrived for the knowledge to open the Gate. Some are for perfection, some for guilty, some for becoming a God.

What lies on the other side, when the Azure Realm opens?

Hope, or Desperation?

With the awakening of the white hair girl, the world in turmoil, and will be accelerated to its demolition.

Character Race

Character Race Icon Race Description Representatives
Human Human Most common race in the Land of Erin. The land of Erin is dominated by the Sacred Alliance and the Empire. Alven, Black Crow, Yuna
Iris Elf Iris Elf Elves who live in the forest and are seen as the representation of nature. Majority of the Iris Elf live in Iris Elf Village. Leefa, Valla
Dragon Clan Dragon Clan The descendant of the dragons. Majority of them have lost the power of the true dragon. Seldom leave their home. Always have conflicts with the witches. Some of them are wearing squamas. Tiamat, Niya
Demon Demon An ancient maneater species. Has a pair of red eyes. Have wings and horns of the demon. Human's Soul Essence is their food. Always chased by Demon Hunters. Nicolas, Maia
Earth Clan Earth Clan They are not human nor beast, but the combination of both. They don't have the ears of the human, but a mimesis of certain animal. Galcaesar, Nefeeru, Renniscan
Spirit Spirit Born in the forest or sea, a race different from Iris Elf. Hera
Soul Soul Phantoms from the North. Wu Lian, Lotus Moon
Creation Creation The Creation of other characters. Production of Magic Science. IA, Kizuna AI, Utega


World Map
Fraction Introduction
Federation A Constitutional Monarchy Country in the middle of the Land of Erin. The Queen is the symbolization of the country.

The military power of the Federal is divided into three parts. One of the troops shows their loyalty to the country, while another one obeys the orders of the Church. Each lord may have their own private army.

The conflicts between the noble class and the Queen are growing increasingly. 

Empire A military monarchy situates in the North of the West Land of Erin. The king is ambitious to open the Azure Realm.

The strongest 13 people in the Empire are called Empire’s 13 Wings. Follow the order of the king. 

Sacred Alliance An alliance situates in the South of the West Land of Erin. The religion occupies a significant status in the country. 
Era Island The island of Earth Clan, and the owner is Kuzunoha. Other races are not welcomed in Era Island and Alven is one of the rare and exceptional examples.

There are three tribes in Era Island. 

Dragon Clan Dragon Island of Tiamat, is not recognized as a state. All the dragon clans are born warriors.

The elders in the clan have the right to speak when facing some big events. However, the decision is always made by the strongest Dragon Ancestor.

The Master Sorceress of the dragon is the servant of the God of Dragon. She is also the spiritual symbol of the clan and is widely respected. 

Tower of Seasons Tower of Seasons Situates in the Basin of Season in Neural Area. It is the most famous Soul Essence Academy in the Land of Erin.

There are four Towers in the academy representing four seasons. Four spirits are the professors and guardians of the school. 

Iris Elf Village Iris Elf Village led by Elvis. All the Iris Elves who are willing to protect the village are called Iris Elf Warriors.

The position of the leader is decided by current leader and his/her successor 

Witch League An organization led by Mao. They are trying to create a business relationship with other fractions.

It is not a military organization. Each witch has her own battle methods and the power between witches can be enormous. 

Border of Eden A demon organization led by Nicolas. They are trying to find a balance with human.

Before the Utopia is built completely, every member of the Eden Border needs to be responsible for him/herself and find food based on the protocol. 

Undersea Plain A great undersea kingdom ruled by the King of Undersea Plain. Locates in the Grand Ocean between West Land of Erin and the Middle Main Land.

The queen: Forst Nova is beloved by the king and the couple will decide all the affairs together. 

Desposed God Biological weapon built by the ancient generation to attack Erin. They are created based on the myth and legends and have many characteristics of the gods in the legend.

Majority of the Disposed God are leashed by Aisha, however, along with the awakening of Aisha, some of the disposed gods are unlocked again and gain back the power.